Online and offline hot discussion on how to install elevators smoothly


"Left running and right standing" on the elevator means that when taking the escalator, the passengers stand on the right side, leaving the left passage for passengers who need fast passage to walk on the escalator. It has always been a civilized etiquette for the public to "walk left and stand right" on the elevator, and it has been widely advocated by the society. Recently, however, an official media in Jiangxi released a microblog about "left bank and right bank", which caused widespread controversy among the public.

Is "Left Travel and Right Standing" High Quality or Dangerous Etiquette?

The content of the microblog is a photo taken by a parent of a middle school in Jiangxi. In the photo, a group of students in school uniforms stood orderly on the right side when taking the elevator. The microblog also attached a comment "Unconstrained consciousness, a city, shines because of these students". It was originally a microblog full of positive energy, but the message area triggered discussion among everyone. "Right is not advocated now," and "Do you still think it is civilization?" "Keeping order is good, but elevators are easy to break". So is the behavior habit of "going left and standing right" as discussed on the Internet? The reporter observed at several subway stations in Nanchang and the escalators in Nanchang Railway Station with a large traffic volume. Most people still silently followed the code of conduct of "going left and standing right", and a few people would walk in the position vacated on the left. However, the reporter did not find any clear sign of "going left and standing right" in Nanchang Metro and Fire Station.

Yuanda Elevator Reminder: The step height of the escalator is different from that of the stair. The stair height of the escalator is 21cm, which is 15cm higher than the required height of the stairs in public places. When people walk on the escalator, they are easy to step or trip, and they are also easy to bump into other passengers on the escalator to cause accidents. Therefore, according to the behavior habit of "going left and standing right", the side of the escalator that is empty is not suitable for walking.

Engineer: "Left traveling and right standing" can reduce the service life of elevator

It is not recommended to "walk left and stand right" when taking the escalator. The reason is that the chain on the right side of the escalator will be significantly more worn than that on the left side, the ladder will be slightly inclined, and the baffles and comb plates on both sides of the ladder will be more worn.

Yuanda Elevator Maintenance Engineer: If all the people stand on the right side and leave the left side free for people to walk, the load of the chain on the right side will be much greater than that on the left side, and the chain on the right side will be much longer than that on the left side, and the wear will be much greater. In the design of escalator, although the maximum load capacity of bearing unbalanced pressure for a long time is considered, "left traveling and right standing" will indeed lead to excessive fatigue impact on local parts of escalator, shorten the service life of equipment, and cause frequent failures of escalator.

Yuanda Elevator Maintenance Engineer:If is in normal use, the service life of our ladder chain is generally more than 15 years. If it is a long-term left-handed and right-handed chain, based on our experience, it is generally 7 years. In about 7 years, all the ladder chains will be replaced. If not, there will be safety risks.

In view of the wear and tear of elevators caused by the habit of "going left and standing right", the relevant departments strictly require the elevator owners to investigate the potential safety hazards in a timely manner, and they will also strengthen the supervision of these key units.

Although "walking left and standing right" was once a widely promoted civilized behavior, in recent years, many cities have expressed their views and called off "walking left and standing right" when taking escalators. Hong Kong earlier advocated "left walking and right standing" because as an earlier subway city, there are only elevators in the subway and no stairs beside it. This was the only reason why Hong Kong advocated such a policy in order to provide passage for pedestrians in rush and special circumstances. Since 2010, Hong Kong has stopped advocating this behavior. For some special reasons, some European and American countries have not yet clearly advocated "going left and standing right".

At present, for the traditional understanding of the public and the real harm caused by elevators, the relevant departments will gradually carry out publicity and education in this regard, so that everyone can gradually change their ideas. At this stage, they will closely protect the safety of the elderly, children and other key groups.

It is not scientific to set aside one side of the escalator for passage. It is easy for people to step or trip when walking on it. In addition, in the process of walking, it is easy to bump into other passengers on the escalator, which may lead to accidents, so you should try to avoid walking when taking the escalator. When we take the escalator, the key is not to consider the service life of the elevator equipment, but to focus on whether such behavior conforms to the national conditions and safety needs. From the point of view of safe travel, when taking the escalator, it is better to hold the handrail and stand firmly, and pay attention to the safety of your feet.