TKJ series has a machine room elevator. The traditional structure is combined with modern gearless traction machine, which is more efficient and stable. Since the traction machine is installed above the hoistway, the lift car can fully occupy the hoistway, so the lift car can be made more spacious. The maintenance process is safe and convenient.

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Excellent performance

Permanent magnet synchronous host, frequency converter technology, control technology and frequency conversion door serial communication technology, safety factors, door opening and closing noise, automobile noise, horizontal vibration and vertical vibration of brake acceleration performance indicators, etc., are more advanced than national standards and the industry.


The elevator has a compact structure to reduce the space required, reduce the dependence on construction elevators, use half of the AC gearless technology, and reduce the weight of the traditional tractor hoist.

Advocate green energy conservation

The door equipped with permanent magnet synchronous traction machine and variable frequency speed regulation is a standard energy-saving standby function. MC nylon wheels, heavy mineral crystal block applications, reducing the need for castings. If LED lighting and energy feedback equipment are added, better energy performance can be achieved.

Personalized design

Personalized design: In addition to common options, Metis CR provides more than ten options for customers to choose from.

Diversified car decoration: ceiling, wall car, floor, control box, armrest, car, etc. provide customers with personalized choices.

Details of implementation

The details of more luxurious user experience are committed to providing a more comfortable, spacious and perfect detail. The main multi-objective elevator control system is three or more effective elevator group control management. The new personalized management control can select features and customer needs according to the above building settings.

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